Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Wildlife in Kanata North

Have you seen a coyote or red fox in your neighbourhood?

We are very fortunate in Kanata North to have a lot of green space and wildlife to enjoy. Foxes and coyotes are actually very common in Ottawa. They are more readily spotted during the winter months given the lack of foliage and because they are following their primary food source – mice.  During the colder months, mice look for shelter around our homes and sheds, which attracts foxes and coyotes closer to our living space. Coyotes and foxes will also be noticed in fields on the Greenbelt and/or along roads bordering these fields.  They are extremely tolerant of human development and adapt readily to living in close proximity to humans and traffic. 

Knowing more about some of the species that we share our spaces with will help to avoid concerns and potential  conflicts therefore, I asked Donna DuBreuil of the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre to provide some information for my website on living with foxes and coyotes.

If you have spotted a fox or coyote or are concerned about their presence – click on the pictures or links below for more information.