Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Where would you like to see traffic calming measures implemented in Kanata North?


Speeding is an issue across the City and is also common in Kanata North. Recently, through the City’s Strategic Initiative process, a program for new Temporary Traffic Calming (TTC) treatments was created to help focus on individual community problem areas.  We have been working with the City to install some traffic calming measures throughout the community to help control this issue.  

Where would you like to see Temporary Traffic Calming Treatments?

TTC Treatments include:
* Pole mounted speed display boards (permanent or temporary)

* Painting of speed limits on the road
* Temporary traffic calming devices (i.e. flexible signs in the middle of the roadway with centerline pavement markings and advance warning signs)

Many residents contact me about parking on their streets. Research has shown that this acts as a traffic calming measure. When parking is limited to one side, the speed of traffic increases.

Note: Stop signs are used to control the right of way at an intersection and not as a speed control device. Specific warrants need to be met before a stop sign is approved for installation.  Please contact me directly regarding requests for stop signs.

Please contact me or complete the form below if you have any questions or to recommend a location for TTC treatment.

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