Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

WC Bowes Splash Pad – Morgan’s Grant

Update Sept. 25, 2018: The concept plan has been posted to the City’s website and comments are being accepted until October 10, 2018. Click here for details. Construction is anticipated to start in November with completion in Spring 2019.


Update Sept. 6, 2018: Council had approved 10 new splash pads to be built during this term of Council. I was able to get one for Kanata North to be located in Morgan’s Grant at WC Bowe’s Park. Staff have been working on where and how it can be installed and will soon have a proposal to share with the community. All the pads are coming in at a cost greater than estimated 4 years ago but fortunately I have some funds in my grant-in-lieu of parks fund (projects where land for parks isn’t deeded to the city pay these funds and it’s shared between the ward and a city wide fund) so it can still go forward. While work on the site has started it will not be operation until Summer 2019, hopefully before the first heat wave. 

Concept design for layout purposes is below. I will post the official designs as soon as they are available.