Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

TRUNK SEWER (Herzberg Rd, Legget Dr.)

Phase 2 of this project involves the construction of a sanitary sewer roughly 2 km long to convey flows east from Legget Drive and Herzberg Road to the upstream end of the North Kanata Trunk Sewer Phase 1 that was constructed in 2002. In order to facilitate the construction of the trunk sewer, a temporary forcemain on Legget and Herzberg will be constructed. Due to the extent of the work, the road will require full reconstruction. Sidewalks and raised cycle tracks will be at the same time, at minimal additional cost. 


  • Complete Installation of Temporary Forcemain on Legget and Herzberg: September 2018 – November 2018. There will only be minimal traffic disruptions as the work is being completed on the edge of the roadway. 
  • The majority of the sewer work and road reconstruction of Herzberg and Legget is expected to take place between May 2019 – December 2019
  • Pedestrians

The sidewalk on Herzberg Road between Carling Avenue and Legget Drive within the project limits will improve pedestrian connectivity within the area. The existing sidewalk width and material will also be brought up to current City standards.  The proposed roadway modification generally improves the level of service of pedestrians. 

  • Cyclists

Safety for cyclists will be greatly improved on Herzberg Road given the installation of cycle tracks and conventional bike lanes.  The buffer separating the cyclists from the vehicle travel lanes will reduce conflicts between motorists and cyclists. The proposed roadway modification improves the level of service of cyclists. 

  • Transit

No new transit infrastructure is planned.

  • Vehicles

At the intersection of Herzberg and Legget the southbound right-turn channel will be removed.  Vehicle levels of service are projected to remain similar to existing conditions.

  • Adjacent Land Uses

No impacts are anticipated for the lands adjacent to the proposed road modifications.