Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Volunteers needed for the Kanata North Picnic

Are you looking to support your community? Need more community service hours? Want to meet new people in your community and get free food?

Sign up below to volunteer for the 11th Kanata North Picnic on Wednesday, July 19th.

Contact Amy Zhou for additional information or if you have any questions?


Volunteer for the Picnic (2)

Light Rail Coming Closer

Update June 7, 2017: I was pleased to attend the Kanata LRT Environmental Assessment Open House on Monday, June 5th. About 130 residents from various West End wards attended the presentation and Q&A session. Thirteen potential corridors for the Kanata LRT extension stretching from Moodie Station to Palladium were identified. Corridor 8 was presented as the preliminary preferred option with two others (5 and 13) required further assessment.  The map below shows these 3 routes.  The remaining routes were not carried forward as options for further analysis. Next steps are further analysis into the three corridors mentioned above and another Open House in Fall 2017.


I would appreciate receiving your comments on these routes and please contact Angela at the city (details below) as well.

Click here to view or download the presentation slides in pdf format.

If you would like to be placed on the study mailing list, submit comments, or simply learn more, also contact:

Angela Taylor, P.Eng.
Senior Project Engineer
Transportation Planning
Transportation Services Department
City of Ottawa
Email: (link sends e-mail)
613-580-2424 x 15210


Update February 22, 2017: Last week the City presented the implementation report on phase 2 of the LRT project which extends LRT to Moodie Drive.  This is good news for Kanata as it moves LRT a little closer to our community.  With the Environmental Assessment now getting underway to determine the route to Canadian Tire Place we are moving to obtaining the information to get phase 3, LRT to at least Terry Fox Station moved forward.  Construction to Moodie will be complete in 2023 and that’s when we need to be ready to start the next phase and finally get Kanata connected into the LRT system.



Update from September 8, 2016:
The City has received confirmation that 57 projects related to transit and active transportation have been considered eligible by the Federal and Provincial governments for funding. The federal contribution, based on 50% partnership with the City, is $155.9M. Three of the projects are in the Kanata North area. These are

1) Kanata LRT Extension- Environmental Assessment. This is the previously announced study to determine the route for light rail transit from Bayshore to Canadian Tire Place.

2) Two Cycle Links, one at Carling at March Rd and 3) the other at Herzberg at March. These will improve commuter access to the Kanata North Business Park and Eagleson Park and Ride. Further information will be provided as details are made known.


I have a ticket to this event (up to 4 people), which sold out quickly, and am auctioning it to donate funds to the Kanata Food Cupboard and Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre.  

What is being auctioned?
8’x8′ picnic space for a maximum of 4 people at the Interprovincial Picnic on the Bridge on July 2nd, 2017, 11am – 12:30pm
Minimum bid is $200.00
Rain or shine

Instructions and additional information:
The tickets will be awarded to the highest bidder. Minimum bid $200.00
Submit your bid via email to no later than 4pm on June 16th, 2017. Winning bidder will be announced on June 19, 2017.
Include your full name, address, address telephone number(s).
Note: Only payment by cheque will be accepted, and only by the person notified that they have won the auction. Payment is required prior to delivery of the tickets. Additional details will be provided to the auction winner via email.

More information on this first ever event can be found HERE

Interprovincial Bridge Picnic.png

Public Meeting: Hydro One & Hydro Ottawa’s plans to plant & maintain the Morgan’s Grant Hydro Corridor

When: Monday May 29th, 7pm
Where: Mlacak Centre Halls A & B, 2500 Campeau Drive

Join me and representatives from Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa for this information session, where you can learn more about plans to improve the corridor as a community asset. This includes cultivation, removal of invasive species, replanting with low maintenance plants and also a seed mixture of grasses and wild flowers developed by the Suzuki Foundation.

Copy of Hydro One Community Notice:

Hydro Notice_Page_1

Hydro Notice_Page_2

Open House: LRT to Kanata

When: Monday, June 5th
Where: Kanata Recreation Centre in Walter Baker Park on Terry Fox

An open House and consultation on the route for future rail and Environmental Assessment is being held at the Kanata Recreation Centre in Walter Baker Park on Terry Fox on Monday June 5th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. A presentation will be given at 6:30 pm. This is your opportunity to provide your suggestions on the extension from the present financially approved plan to Moodie to extend from Moodie to Canadian Tire Place. Along with the other West End Councillors I’ve been pushing to have plans in place to bring rail to Kanata and this study is an essential first step. We need the public to step forward to help us get ready for rail and to ensure it will be located in the most useful location. Thanks to our MP, Karen McCrimmon, for obtaining 50% of the funding for this study.


I recently met with representatives from Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa on their plans to maintain the corridor. I’ve also been in discussion with the Stewardship Council who are willing to help to clean up the corridor. At this time, there are pathways in the corridor and a community garden that was approved by Hydro One. The remaining lands are full of weeds, wild parsnip, poison ivy, ragweed, ticks and invasive species such as buckthorn and more. The idea is to clean it up and provide plantings that are low maintenance. To this end, Hydro One plans to cultivate the corridor and seed it with a mixture of grasses and wild flowers developed by the Suzuki Foundation. I will update my website with information on an upcoming public meeting about the hydro corridor as soon as a date and location has been decided.

Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association, Beaverbrook Clean Up Day

The Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association’s Annual Clean Up Day is on May 6th from 10AM to Noon, starting and ending at the Beaverbrook Community Centre (2 Beaverbrook Rd).

Rain date is Sunday May 7, also from 10 AM to 12 Noon.

Garbage bags, leaf bags and vinyl gloves will be provided, but gardening gloves and boots are recommended.

Coffee, juice boxes and baked goods will be provided

Woodlot tree removal &rehab: Beaverpond, Kimmins Crt, Marconi

Click here for a copy of the Power Point slides presented by Forestry at the April 24th meeting.

Update: The Marconi section of tree removal has been delayed until 2018 due to soft soil condition.

Removal timing: Winter, 2017
Removal areas: all dead/dying trees are to be removed from the areas highlighted in pink on the maps below.
Removal method: mechanized (feller buncher and skidder).
Park access: for public safety reasons, identified areas of the park will be closed to the public during the tree removal operations.

Site preparation timing (debris/brush clean-up, invasive species control, etc): Spring, 2017
Maintained areas of the park will be cleared of small woody debris once the snow has melted and conditions are dry enough for equipment access. Wood is good! Small to medium sized wood pieces within the woodlot are to remain on site to provide habitat for a wide range of wildlife and invertebrates, to retain growing sites for plants and fungi, to supply a slow release of nutrients to the soil, to absorb and retain moisture for the benefit of newly planted trees, to minimize soil compaction and to deter woodlot users away from newly planted sites.

Reforestation timing: Spring 2017 planting season
Reforestation areas: all removal areas highlighted in pink on that attached maps are to be replanted. Typical reforestation species: red maple, sugar maple, silver maple, serviceberry, hackberry, white pine, burr oak, red oak, American elder, white cedar, basswood, nannyberry, large tooth aspen, trembling aspen, dogwood and speckled alder.

As ash trees continue to decline within the City of Ottawa due to the invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), it is important to address the safety issues and necessary tree removals within our parks and woodlots. Part of the City’s EAB strategy includes selective park and woodlot rehabilitation; identifying City parks and woodlots with a high percentage of ash to remove unsafe dead, dying or invasive trees, encourage non-ash trees and shrubs with the exception of buckthorn and plant a selection of native tree species. Many parks and woodlots hold significant plant and wildlife populations and make large contributions to
human health and the environment: it is important to manage these significant areas, not only for public safety but also to conserve the many benefits they provide. To learn more about the Ministerial Order restricting the movement of ash material, please visit:

To learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer or the City’s EAB Strategy, please visit:

Click images for larger picture:

Routes #63/64 Spring Update from OC Transpo

I have received a long awaited update from OC Transpo in response to the main comments and concerns raised by Briarbrook and Morgan’s Grant riders at the February 2nd public meeting, Facebook and email, which you will find below.  There have been some issues with the new Spring service changes which OC Transpo is addressing on a case by case basis. These include buses going off the route onto local streets and some buses ending at the Innovation Park and Ride when they should go through the community. Please continue to email me at with follow up comments, questions and concerns so I can bring them directly to OC Transpo. You can also register to receive alerts about cancelled or delayed route and to keep posted on the latest transit information at

Service Improvements and Adjustments Previously Implemented in Kanata North

 Improved Travel Time in the Morning

The Route 63 and 64 eastbound rule was implemented on Feb 2, 2017.  This rule ensures that inbound buses stop only on request at Queensway (upper level), Lincoln Fields, Dominion, and Westboro Stations, in order to improve travel time for customers in the morning

Fixed Issues with Destination Signage of the Bus

At the community meeting we were notified that the destination signage on the buses to and from Mackenzie King Bridge or Lincoln Fields was often incorrect.  Following this feedback, we conducted an investigation and noticed a system error, which prevented the proper destination signage being displayed on the buses when the Operators signed in to commence their trip. This has now been rectified and all signage should be corrected. 

We have also taken the opportunity to improve the destination signage, in order to better clarify the direction of travel for Routes 63 and 64. The signage for these routes now shows the community name (i.e. Morgan’s Grant or Briarbrook), which helps clarify to customers the areas the routes serve beyond Innovation Station.

GPS Issues

We have received comments from customers regarding inaccurate GPS information affecting buses travelling west towards Kanata North.  In early January, there was an update to the software that manages the GPS system, and this update created an error in the system that would not allow the buses to be tracked on customer facing apps.

We have performed some minor edits that have been on-street for a few weeks, and following this update, no further complaints have been received. Further adjustments were also made on April 23rd that help to further ensure the accuracy of the GPS system.

Incorrect Signage at Innovation and Lincoln Fields Stations

At the February 2nd meeting, customers informed us that signage at Innovation Station and Lincoln Fields Station was incorrect, placed in the wrong location or was confusing to customers.  Staff went out immediately to conduct an audit and fabricated/installed new signage at the correct locations. 

Parking and Snow Narrowing on Flamborough Way

Due to the amount of snow received during this past winter, the plow rows narrowed the operating width of Flamborough Way.  This in combination with parking along this street made it challenging for passing buses, often resulting in one bus waiting for the other to pass before proceeding and thereby increasing travel time for customers on board.  This issue was raised with The City of Ottawa’s Road Services team for increased attention.  In addition, ‘No Parking’ signs were implemented along the east side of Flamborough Way.

Service Improvements and Adjustments Implemented with the April Service Change

Improved Connections at Innovation Station

Every Route 63 and 64 trip from LeBreton or Lincoln Fields, arriving at Innovation, has been scheduled to service their respective community areas before looping back towards downtown.  In light of this, changing buses will no longer be necessary, however, a short break of up to two minutes might be required at Innovation Station in order to maintain schedule adherence.

Improved Frequency to/from the Kanata Business Park on Weekdays

Additional trips on Routes 63 and 64 now operate to/from Kanata North in the morning and afternoon peak periods. Service frequency has been increased from every 20 to 30 minutes to every 15 minutes on each route.

Route 63 and 64 Schedules

Route 63 and 64 can sometimes be delayed, and as such the buses can arrive at the same time or appear to be following each other.   With the April service change, the schedules for Route 63 and 64 are now more evenly spaced in order to allow for a better distribution of service at Innovation Station. 

Kanata Public Meeting – Noise By-Law Review and Consultation

The City of Ottawa’s By-law and Regulatory Services Branch is conducting a Noise By-law review, and residents are invited to provide their feedback through an online public consultation survey or by attending one of the three public workshops. The online survey runs until Monday, May 1. 

The online survey provides residents with brief facts on the by-law and an opportunity to give their opinions on the possible changes and additions. 

Staff have agreed to run a meeting for Kanata and area residents in addition to the three initial meetings that were advertised. Please take your time to either attend one of the Public Consultations or complete the survey online.

  • Tuesday, May 2 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
    Mlacak Centre, Halls C&D
    2500 Campeau Drive
  • Tuesday, April 25, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
    Greenboro Community Centre

    Room: Meeting Room A & B
  • Wednesday, April 26, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
    McNabb Recreation Centre

    Room: Assembly Hall
  • Monday, May 1, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
    Overbrook Community Centre
    Room: Main Reception Hall

2017 Multi-Use Pathway Renewals

We have a number of multi-use pathways in Kanata North.  Many of the older ones are narrow and need widening and restoration.  This year the City is rebuilding a number of pathways in Kanata North via funds from the Federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund. These are in addition to the City funded Campeau Drive multi-use pathway.

• Sandwell Green Park, from Leacock Drive to The Parkway
• Beaverbrook Park, from The Parkway to Campeau Drive
• The Parkway, from Leacock Way to Sandwell Green Park
• Gow Park, from Beaverbrook Road to Sandwell Crescent

Map added Sept 26, 2017

Beaverbrook Pathways


Canadian Tapestry: A Celebration of the Music We Love

April 29, 7 pm, Glen Cairn United Church choirs present “Canadian Tapestry: A Celebration of the Music We Love” to recognize Canada’s 150th anniversary.  Music of Canadian composers and musicians, plus audience singalongs.  Freewill offering to support the Ruddy-Shenkman Hospice and The Oasis in Kanata, a place for caregivers of people with mental illness.  140 Abbeyhill Drive, Kanata.  Refreshments following the show.  All are welcome.

Canada 150 Maple Groves tree planting and sponsor opportunity

2017 croppedAs we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, special projects are being implemented to leave a legacy for future generations. The goal of the Canada 150 Maple Groves project is to plant a grove of 150 nativeCanadian maple trees in each of the City’s 23 wards.

Ernest Smith Park/Village Green (43 Bishop Mills Way/84 Birkendale Dr) has been selected as the location for the Kanata North Canada 150 Maple Grove.  Planting of 50 Red, 50 Silver and 50 Sugar Maples will take place this Spring.  Each site will be marked with an engraved stone.

What is a grove? The Canada 150 Maple Groves may take the form of a formal cluster of trees, linear groupings, or maples planted with a reforestation site or natural area.

What species and size of trees are planted in the Canada 150 Maple Groves project? The trees planted in the grove will be native Canadian sugar, red, and silver maples. The trees will be potted 25 mm caliper (about 5-7 ft tall).

Can community groups or organizations participate in planting a maple grove? Due to the size of the trees, scheduling, and site preparation requirements, the Canada 150 Maple
Groves will be planted by contracted services and not by volunteers.

Sponsorship Opportunity
The City of Ottawa is inviting local businesses to be part of this exciting project by supporting the Canada 150 Maple Groves. Through various sponsorship opportunities, your generosity will contribute to the legacy of Canada’s 150th birthday and enhance the City’s forest cover for generations to come. For more information or to participate in this sponsorship opportunity, please contact or call 613-580-2424, ext 25632.

Public Meeting – Richardson Ridge Phase 4 (467 Terry Fox)

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the City of Ottawa will hold a Public Meeting on April 10, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (presentation at 7:00 PM) in the Kanata Seniors’ Centre to discuss a proposed plan of subdivision. The Kanata Seniors’ Centre is located at the rear of the John Mlacak Centre at 2500 Campeau Drive. The presentation will be streamed via Facebook Live on my Facebook Page:

The proposed residential subdivision is located at 467 Terry Fox Drive, on the east side of Terry Fox Drive, north of the existing Richardson Ridge subdivision. The Owners, represented by Regional Group, are proposing to develop a total of 194 residential units, consisting of 42 singled detached dwellings and 152 townhouse units. The proposed subdivision also includes a public park, pathway connections, several environmental blocks, and open space. A location map showing the land proposed to be subdivided is attached.

Additional information relating to the proposed plan of subdivision is available for inspection by the public. For more information on this matter, including information about preserving your appeal rights, please direct inquiries to:

Louise Sweet, Assigned Planner
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department
110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th floor
Ottawa ON  K1J 1P1
Tel: 613-580-2424 ext. 27586 Fax:613-580-2576

467 Terry Fox - Revised Location Map

Routes #63/#64 Spring Update from OC Transpo

The schedules of Routes 63 and 64 in Kanata North will be adjusted and capacity will be increased at certain times to respond to feedback received from customers and operators and to improve connections;

Specifically this means:

  1. Improved connections at Innovation
  2. Every Route 63/64 outbound trip arriving at Innovation Station will be scheduled to connect to the departure for the residential areas and looping back towards downtown.
  3. Customers will not have to change buses but a short break of up to 2 minutes might be required at Innovation Station to maintain schedule adherence
  4. Improved frequency to and from Kanata North Business park on weekdays
  5. Additional trips on Routes 63 and 64 will operate to Kanata North in the morning and from Kanata North in the afternoon on weekdays.
  6. Service frequency will be increased from every 20/30 minutes to every 15 minutes on each route during certain times in the afternoon
  7. Formalization of the eastbound rule.
  8. The change to the eastbound stop-skipping pattern, which was implemented on February 2 2017, will be formalized.  This rule applies to all eastbound trips, all days of the week that each route operates.

We will be providing you with a more comprehensive review of our actions shortly.

Address Changes

As some of you are aware when the city amalgamated in the year 2001 there were a number of streets that had the same or similar name and some in Kanata had duplicate house numbers.   This can be very confusing for residents as well as emergency personnel when they receive calls.  To try and alleviate this issue the city has been changing the street names of streets when there are two or more the same in the city.  In Kanata North the streets involved are Beaverbrook Lane and Beaverbrook Road; Varley Drive and Varley Lane; Leacock Drive, Leacock Way and Leacock Lane and Casson Way.  Residents involved are being contacted to get their suggestions for names or be advised if the changes are more minor.  New names must not be duplicates of existing street names. Changes that have already been made include replacing the Richardson Side road from March to Carling to Teron (as an extension to existing Teron Road) and ending Teron at Campeau (formerly the part of Campeau from Teron to March was also called Teron).

2017 Kanata North Temporary Traffic Calming Treatment Locations


Beaverbrook Road – Speed Pavement Marking
Brady Avenue (between Old Second Line Road and Ipswich Terrace) – Flex Stake
Fletcher Circle (between Torbec Avenue and Keyrock Drive) – Slow Pavement Marking
Goulbourn Forced Road (near St. Gabriel School) -School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Halton Terrace (near Jack Donohue Public School) – School/Ecole
Halton Terrace (near Kanata Public Elementary School) – School/Ecole
Insmill Crescent – SLOW Pavement Marking
Ipswich Terrace – Speed Pavement Marking
Kanata Avenue Drive (near All Saints High School) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Keyrock Drive (near St. Gabriel School) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Klondike Road (between March Road and Marconi Avenue) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Leacock Drive (near Stephen Leacock Public School) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Marconi Avenue (near Kinghorn Crescent North) – Speed Pavement Marking
Maxwell Bridge Road (near Windance Crescent West) – Speed Pavement Marking
Penfield Drive (at both entrances points) – Speed Pavement Marking
Penfield Drive (near Roland Michener Public School) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Sherk Crescent – Speed Pavement Marking
Shirley’s Brook Drive (at both entrance points) – Speed Pavement Marking
The Parkway (near Earl of March Secondary School) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Varley Drive (near Georges Vanier Catholic School) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Varley Drive (near W. Erskine Johnston Public School) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Walden Drive (near Saint-Rémi Catholic Elementary School) – School/Ecole Pavement Marking
Walden Drive – add one flex stake South of Leverton


Goldridge Drive (between Blackdome Crescent and Stikine Drive)
Goldridge Drive (between Kanata Avenue and Insmill Crescent East)
Huntsville Drive (near Wallaceburg Court)
Insmill Crescent
McKinley Drive
Penrith Street
Terry Fox Drive (near Kanata Highlands Public School)
Varley Drive

Wildlife Speaker Series, Coexistence Through Understanding and Respect

Thursday, April 6 at 6pm, 101 Centrepointe Drive

Kanata North is a satellite community that includes extensive amounts of green space and wetlands. In the latest in the Wildlife Speaker Series, Michael Runtz with Carleton University will be speaking about coexisting with wildlife through understanding and respect. The night starts at 6pm with a Wildlife Expo, followed by the presentation at 7pm.

Wildlife speaker poster.png

Kanata-Carleton Cultural Festival – Get involved

Cultural Festival for Newsletter Final

Come out to celebrate Canada’s 150th at a full-day, free festival, packed with a line-up of performances, displays and activities by the area’s local talent, all with Canadian themed music and art!  Bring your family and friends to experience diverse cultural youth groups from the western area of Ottawa, as they showcase their talents at the Earl of March Secondary School Auditorium and on Sandwell Green Park which will be alive with entertainment, displays, artwork and activities throughout the day time, and live performances on the outdoor stage. 

Save the Date – May 27th, all day, indoor and outdoor venues. Check out their website

VOLUNTEER – Help make history by volunteering for this unique celebration of Canada’s 150th , the first of its kind the western Ottawa region. See details online.

PERFORM –Local performing groups are invited to join in the entertainment line-up on the outdoor stage at Sandwell Green Park, along with family activities taking place from 10 am to 6 pm. Submit an application online asap.

INFO-BOOTHS – Reserve an info-booth at Sandwell Green Park to showcase your organization to over 3000 attendees throughout the day. (No selling permitted.) Reserve your space online.

Find details on how to get involved go to

OC Transpo Equipass now available

Eligible residents can now apply for OC Transpo’s EquiPass, which provides a lower-priced transit option for individuals or families who live on low incomes. The pass is priced at $57 per month, which will save a single adult up to $681 each year. The EquiPass is only available to eligible customers upon completing an application form. Applications can be downloaded from or picked up in person at all OC Transpo Customer Service Centres, City of Ottawa Client Service Centres, Ottawa Public Libraries, Social Support Centres, and from many community partner locations.


March 22, 2017 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Presentation at 7:00 p.m.
Maki House Community Centre, 19 Leeming Drive

The purpose of this meeting is to: 

  • Present recommendations to convert the West Transitway Extension from a BRT system to LRT, review plans for grade separation at Holly Acres, enhance connectivity to light rail and explore the feasibility of having a Light Maintenance Storage Facility (LMSF) beyond Bayshore Station
  • Provide background information on the expanded bus facilities at Bayshore in the event that Bayshore is the terminus of the Confederation Line in the interim
  • Engage with the public in the Bayshore to Moodie corridor to get feedback on the plans


Opioid Drug Situation and Chain of Survival

This issue is something we all need to be concerned about as it is taking the lives of our youth. The community meeting that was held on February 27 confirmed we need information and action. We know parents want to help their kids and need support. The drugs being sold illegally can contain a lethal amount of fentanyl as the amounts vary from pill to pill – so even one pill can be life threatening. Ottawa Public Health has a lot of good information on how to talk with your kids on this issue and other departments, such as the Paramedics along with community groups and churches are working on awareness campaign to inform youth and their parents on the dangers of this drug. Parent Groups are also being set up, led by Sean O’Leary and additional funding sought from the province to increase treatment options.
We want to remind you to talk to the youth you know and if you see any suspicious drug related activity report it to the police.  It is all of our responsibility.
Overdose for newsletter

Winter weather advisory March 15th and Roads Services preparations

From Director of Roads Services:

Environment Canada Special Weather Statement is still in effect

Weather conditions 

  • Snow continues to fall over the City and will remain steady through the early afternoon, where flurries continue into the evening.   
  • 15 – 20 cm of snow accumulation is reported in various areas of the City. We expect another 5 cm before the storm departs the area this evening.
  • Heavy winds continue to affect road conditions throughout the City causing blowing snow and visibility issues.

Forecasted conditions

  • Snow will persist through mid day today and with flurries into the early evening. The afternoon commute will be snow covered and slippery.
  • Temperature today: High -6C today, low tonight -14C with a wind chill of -22C.
  • Winds from the northwest at 30 km/h gusting to 50 km/h causing blowing snow, local drifting, visibility concerns which will persist through Thursday.

City preparations

Residents are advised to exercise patience and caution through the remainder of this snow event.  Staff are monitoring weather forecasts and will be patrolling roads throughout the event.

  • A residential street plow run commenced this morning, staff are monitoring and will deploy other resources into residential streets as they become available.
  • We continue to plow and salt the priority road and sidewalk network and have night shift staff scheduled for 7pm to continue plowing and salting the road and sidewalk network.
  • We have deployed all plowing resources over the remainder of the transportation network, dead ends, cul de sacs, bus stops, and activated signals.
  • The afternoon commute will be affected as we can expect snow covered conditions this afternoon with the lingering snow/flurries and windy conditions.
  • Clean up of snow windrows left behind by road plowing, private contractors on all sidewalks, intersections and site lines will continue through Thursday and Friday as part of the regular cleanup process from a large event.

We will continue to provide operational updates as weather conditions change and the event progresses.

Kanata North Community Recognition Awards 2017

Nominate a deserving individual/couple or organization for a Community Recognition Award.  Nominees must either reside in and/or have done volunteer or charitable efforts to benefit Kanata North.

Click here to download a copy of the form or complete the form below the instructions.
Please also download and print the colour poster and post a copy at your office, church etc.

The nomination categories include the following:

Citizen of the Year – An individual who has exemplified community spirit and throughout the years has demonstrated what it means to be a true community builder. This individual has continually gone out of their way to be actively involved and participate within our community. This individual resides and/or completed their volunteer work in Kanata North.

Senior Citizen of the Year – An individual or couple age 65 or older who has made a significant and long-standing contribution to our community. This individual or couple has been continually committed to giving back to the community over the years. They have demonstrated selflessness and the utmost interest in bettering the community. This individual resides and/or completed their volunteer work in Kanata North.

Youth of the Year – An individual age 19 or younger who has contributed to the community through leadership, volunteer services, peer support, emergency situation response, or is someone who has overcome a personal challenge. This individual has taken on the role of being an example for other youth in the community, and will continue to grow to become a leader of tomorrow. This individual resides and/or attends school or an extra-curricular activity in Kanata North.

Organization of the Year – A non-profit organization, community group, service, club, or business that has demonstrated social responsibility, and continues to enhance the well-being of the community through volunteer or charitable efforts. Nominees in this category may be of any organizational size, are located in and/or benefit Kanata North.

How to Submit a Completed Nomination Form

  • Completing the online form below,
  • Drop off at the Kanata North Ward Office, Mlacak Centre, 2500 Campeau Drive,
  • Mail to Councillor Wilkinson, City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1J1,
  • Fax to 613,580-2514, or
  • Email to

Submissions must be received on or before May 15th, 2017.

Thank you for your nomination. We appreciate you recognizing those who have made a significant contribution to Kanata North.