Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Knudson Drive Traffic Calming


In February 2012, Knudson Drive residents requested an Area Traffic Management study for Knudson Drive. The raised concerns were traffic volumes, speeding and pedestrian safety. In June of 2013, the City initiated the Knudson Drive Area Traffic Management study (hereinafter, Knudson Drive ATM study). The main focus of the study is in addressing speed and driver behaviour issues.  You can find more detailed information on the phases, recommendations and discussions here.


The following treatments have been approved and will be implemented in the Summer of 2016.

  1. Four sets of speed cushions on Knudson Drive between Kanata Avenue and Weslock Way
  2. Seven sets of speed cushions on Knudson Drive between Weslock Way and Campeau Drive
  3. Pedestrian ahead warning signs on the northbound and southbound approaches to the crossing for golfers on Knudson Drive between Sherk Crescent S. and Morenz Terrace, and on the westbound approach on Knudson Drive between Langford Crescent and Shaughnessy Crescent W.
  4. Ladder crosswalk markings on the school crossing on Knudson Drive at Nelford Court

Knudson Drive



The recommended ladder crosswalk markings will improve visibility of the school crossing and pedestrians and thereby improve pedestrian safety. As well, pedestrians will benefit from vehicle speed reductions as a result of speed cushions.


Cyclists will benefit from vehicle speed reductions as a result of speed cushions.


Speed cushions may cause delay of transit vehicles and passenger discomfort, but in a lesser degree in comparison with speed humps


Vehicle speeds will be reduced as a result of speed cushions. Motorist’s awareness of pedestrians and the school crossing will be improved.

Adjacent Land Uses

Residential community along the study area will benefit by increased pedestrian and cyclist activities and reduced vehicle speeds.