Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Flamborough Sidewalk – missing link

Minto has let me know that the construction of the missing link on the sidewalk on the west side of Flamborough will not be started until June 2016. I was disappointed that it was not completed in 2015.  When installed the link will complete the sidewalk from the mid-block end near Morgan’s Grant Way to the existing sidewalk south of Ipswich.  Flamborough Way meets the City’s policy requirements for a sidewalk on both sides, so completing it on the west side will support the following needs:

  • As a collector roadway with higher traffic speeds and volumes pedestrians will be able to use the sidewalk rather than walking on the roadway or crossing mid-block to reach the sidewalk on the other side.
  • It will enable children walking to school to connect to the sidewalk on Halton without having to cross the road.
  • It will provide a direct route to both the Richcraft Recreation Complex and the future Innovation transit hub, two community destinations that need to be accessible by foot.
  • It is part of a bus route with bus stops on both sides so pedestrians need a safe route to access the stops, especially during winter when there are snow banks.

The City transportation policy directs a priority for transit, walking, and cycling to reduce auto- dependence. Sidewalks are a routine requirement of development approvals, meaning the community developer is responsible for providing sidewalks at locations directed by the City’s transportation policies. Some other missing link sidewalks will be completed in Morgan’s Grant in the future.