Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Speeding in Kanata North

speed limit sign
Speeding is an issue across the City and is also common in Kanata North.  I invested in three portable speed monitor boards which display speeds. These are rotated around Kanata North in the summer months. Spot speed surveys are also done by the Traffic Department. I will be posting the reports for residents to review below. Please contact my office if you would like your street added:

Studies have shown that in many cases, those speeding, are actually residents from that street or nearby streets.  Something you can do is place a Slow Down for Us sign on your lawns, and to have a larger impact, ask your neighbours to place one on their lawns as well.  The signs are available to pick up from my ward office. To reserve a sign(s) and arrange a pickup time, please email, with your contact information and the number of signs you require; or complete the forum at the bottom of this page.

The Ottawa Police want to hear directly from residents about speeding issues. They utilize a software program to assign their enforcement resources. It is important that you contact them directly and ask for enforcement. Feel free to reference and provide a copy of the speeding report for your street if it is available below. Report speeding by calling 613-236-1222, x 7300.

I am working on a number of temporary traffic calming measures for the highest priority locations.  Temporary traffic calming measures include mid road speed limit flex signs, street painting, and radar boards. Click here learn more about this initiative or to request a location for a TTC treatment.

Speed board reports:

Slow Down for UsSpeed Board Beaverbrook Rd 22 06 2015

Speed Board Campeau Drive 17 08 2015
Speed Board Country Glen 24 06 2016
Speed Board Fletcher 18 09 2014
Speed Board Fletcher 26 07 2016
Speed Board Goward Drive 18 08 2015
Speed Board Goulbourn Forced 06 05 2013
Speed Board Huntsville 10 07 2014
Speed Board Insmill 14 06 2016
Speed Board Keyrock 16 11 2015
Speed Board keyrock 26 06 2015
Speed Board Keyrock 06 05 2013
Speed Report Knudson Drive 2011 – 2013
Speed Board Maxwell Bridge 18 07 2013
Speed Board Report Morgan’s Grant Way 22 06 2015
Speed Board Penfield 18 06 2014
Speed Board Penfield 08 05 2015
Speed Board Second Line 25 07 2013
Speed Board The Parkway 08 05 2015
Weslock Spot Speed Study Summaries

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