Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Richardson Ridge Blasting

The only area in the urban part of the City of Ottawa that contains part of the Canadian Shield is in Kanata North.  The Canadian Shield is a complex rock zone that covers a large part of Canada and is the same rock that formed the Gatineau Hills.   It is the roots of ancient mountains, scoured by glaciers, and is considered among the oldest rocks in the world ranging from 1 to 4.5 billion years old.  It is also very complex and extremely hard, making it difficult to remove.

In Kanata North it is the surface rock in much of Beaverbrook, Village Green, the  Central business District along Campeau, Kanata Lakes, Signature Ridge, the Broughton Lands, Richardson Ridge, Kanata Estates and the KNL lands north of the Beaver Pond.  In the south it ends at the park and rock knoll east of the Centrum. When development occurs in these areas, blasting is usually required in order to put in water and sewer services, create roads and provide basements.

This year, residents in and around Richardson Ridge are affected by Phase II Richardson Flats rock blasting. Blasting began December 1st, 2014 and will be finished around the end of May 2015.  Blasting will not occur over the holidays from December 19th through January 5th.

Blasts will normally occur 5 or 6 times per weekday.  The large pieces of rock are then send through a grinding machine to create gravel used in the development.  As these machines operate all day, they are placed as far away from existing homes as possible.

Home owners are concerned about the potential for damage, particularly to foundations, as a result of the blasting.  Although this should not happen – homes in Ottawa are built to withstand moderate earthquakes and blasting limits result in vibrations that are similar to a large truck passing or a small earthquake – the concern is there is a possibility of damage.  On November 25th 2014,  I held Public Meeting where the Regional Group and the blasting company presented and answered resident’s questions on all aspects of the blasting process.  Below you will find a copy of the information provided to residents, as well as any updates on the blasting including blasting reports as information is available.


Documents from November 25th Public Meeting:

Introductory Letter

Pre-Blast Survey Inspection Area

December 11 Copy of email in response to residents inquiries:

RR Response to resident inquiry