Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North


This term of Council, I will be serving on 11 committees and boards, listed below.  I have been also been appointed Dean of Council as I am the oldest and longest serving council member. Mayor, Jim Watson, personally asked me to act as a mentor for other Councillors.

Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation: I will be chairing this committee. The OCLDC is concerned with unlocking value in the City of Ottawa’s real estate through sustainable development. Their focus is on determining development potential of these assets and working with Partnerships and Development Office on due diligence and transfer processes in order to optimize development potential.

Transit Commission:  The Transit Commission is responsible for ensuring the development of safe, efficient and accessible transit systems. Overall guidance and direction for the public is provided through the Transit Services Department on all issues relating to public transit, including the O-train and Para Transpo service delivery model.

Ottawa Public Library Board: The Ottawa Public Library’s mission statement is to inspire learning, spark curiosity and connect people. The OPL nurture the joy of reading in people of all ages. Public libraries within Ontario are created by municipal by-laws and governed by the public library board which consists of 14 trustees: 6 Councillors and 8 members of the public.

Audit Committee: The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing all audit matters and receiving the annual and ad hoc reports from the City’s Auditor General. The Committee is responsible for both the external audit process as well as matters relating to the Office of the Auditor General.

IT Committee:  This committee is a sub-committee of the Finance and Economic Development Committee. The mandate for the IT Committee is to advice the Finance and Economic Development Committee, other Standing Committees, City Council and the Transit Commission on potential large-scale investment in IT and long-term planning of IT needs for the City of Ottawa.

Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. Committee: Hydro Ottawa is wholly-owned by the City of Ottawa. The core businesses of this corporation include; electricity distribution, renewable energy generation, energy conservation and management services. Hydro Ottawa has two boards including Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. and Hydro Ottawa Limited.

Built Heritage Committee: This Committee is in place to advise and assist Council on matters relating to the Ontario Heritage Act, 1990. This Committee is a sub-committee of the Planning Committee and therefore, reports through them.

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority Committee: The Mississippi Valley Conservation is a local watershed management agency for the Mississippi and Carp Rivers in Eastern Ontario. The vision of MVCA is a watershed in which ecological integrity is maintained and human needs are met, now and in the future, in balance with the needs of the natural environment.

Kanata North Business Improvement Association: The Kanata North BIA is committed to representing and advocating for the best interest of over 500 companies located within the community. The Kanata North business area is a critical part of Ottawa’s economic future and is a renowned hub for technology and innovation.

Waste Management Public Liaison Committee: The Waste Management Committee provides input and guidance to Waste Management on matters relating to development and on-going operations including the proposed disposal and diversion facilities.

Kanata North Expansion Public Advisory Committee: This committee is concerned with urban expansion with the Kanata North Community. The focus is on creating a plan to implement Official Plan policies and to illustrate to the public all types of land uses and transportation corridors.

Richcraft Recreation Complex Committee: I will be chairing this committee. This committee represents the community’s voice with respect to the development of the RRCK. The committee team ensures that we develop a core group of residents who are outgoing and share a concern for the health and fitness of our community.

Kanata Race Day Committee: This committee is a sub-committee of the Richcraft Recreation Complex Committee. The Kanata Race Day was created to raise awareness about the fundraising effort for the RRCK. The first race took place in 2009 and was called the “Walk, Run and Roll” event. The Kanata Race Day has grown from a small group of participants to over 500 in 2012 and it is continuing to grow each year.

Fundraising Committee – Richcraft Recreation Complex Kanata: This committee is a sub-committee of the Richcraft Recreation Complex Committee. It involves all of the fundraising initiatives for the RRCK. Including; Naming Rights, Sculpture Garden, Community Legacy Walkway, Time Capsules and the Big Rig Brewery Event.