Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

351 Sandhill Road

Update: February 2018
On January 18, I hosted a meeting for residents on the new revised site plans I received for the mosque at 351 Sandhill Road. This new plan maximizes the number of parking spaces to provide 130 spaces by moving the 2nd phase building to the front of the lot. If you  have any questions or comments about this new site plan, please contact Victoria Bissonnette (Planner) and cc me.

Update: January 2018
I’ve received the revised site plans from City Staff. I will host a community meeting on Thursday, January 18 2018, 7pm, at Chartwell’s Kanata (50 Shirley’s Brook Dr) where I will answer any questions and hear your comments. 

351 1351 2


The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control application to rezone the subject property to a Minor Institutional Zone in order to permit the development of a place of worship within the existing single-detached dwelling and two-storey addition for a multipurpose community centre.

Please provide comments by November 6th, 2017

Proposal Details

The subject property is located in the north end of Kanata in Briarbrook. The site is located just west of Sandhill Road, south of Klondike Road, east of March Road and north of Shirley’s Brooke Drive. The subject site is bound by a number of similar institutional uses including South March Public School, Greenwoods Academy, Brookside Baptist Church and St. John’s Anglican Church and cemetery.

The subject site has an area of approximately 8000m2 with 60m of frontage along Sandhill Road. Currently, the subject site is occupied by a single-detached dwelling and detached storage shed. This building will be retained as part of this application.

The subject site is currently zoned Development Reserve (DR). The purpose of this zone is to recognize lands intended for future urban development in areas designated as General Urban Area and Developing Communities in the Official Plan. The applicant is seeking to rezone the subject property to Minor Institutional (I1) with minor site specific exceptions to: reduce a landscape buffer along the perimeter of the site; allow 60% of the total parking spaces being constructed in the first phase be for small cars; slightly reduce the drive-way and aisle widths in the front parking lot; and eliminate the need for loading space.

Development of the subject site will occur in two phases. The first phase of proposed development is for the renovation of the existing single-detached dwelling into a worship area. Approximately 47 parking spaces will be added to the front of the property as a part of this phase. The second phase of development is for the construction of a two-storey building to the rear of the existing dwelling. This building will have a footprint of 1,213m2 2 and will consist of a prayer hall and multipurpose community centre with meeting rooms, a kitchen and washrooms. Approximately 76 parking spaces will be constructed along the sides and rear of the building as part of this phase for a total of 123 parking spaces on site. The existing dwelling will be reduced by 100m2 during this phase in order to incorporate a courtyard between the existing building and the addition. Two access points into the site will be provided from Sandhill Road. A garbage enclosure will be located at the southwest of the site and a storage shed at the northwest portion of the site.

Click to view Phase 1 Site Plan

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More information available here.

More information on the zoning by-law amendment available here.

For additional information or to provide Comments contact:
Victoria Bissonnette, Planner
613-580-2424, ext. 27029
Fax No.: 613-580-2576