Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Kanata LRT & EA Assessment updates

Update April 25, 2018: The report for the Kanata LRT Extension mentioned below is now public and can be accessed here (it is Item 3). 

Update April 24, 2018:  The final report for the Kanata LRT extension (from Moodie Dr. to Hazeldean) will be presented to Transportation Committee on May 2, where residents are able to make delegations to the Committee if they so wish.

Highlights of the report include:

  • A preferred route selected out of 13 options (seen below):


  • Staff note that this route will bring 90% of Kanata residents within 5km of rail
  • Proposed as a part of the LRT design is 5.5 km of at-grade LRT, 1.5km below grade, and 4 km elevated; pedestrian and cycling connectivity with the stops; public washrooms, and four park and ride facilities.

I supported the report and the recommendations and mentioned that we need to be taking future technologies (like autonomous vehicles) into consideration while we are planning for the future.

The report will be available when the Transportation Committee agenda for May 2 is released online here.


Update December 5: I would like to thank the large number of residents who came to the meeting concerning the Light Rail Environmental Assessment Process. Your comments and suggestions will be considered in preparing the final report that will recommend a route, provide a high level cost estimate, and indicate how it could be built in phases if insufficient funds are available to construct the entire route at any time. West-end Councillors are all supportive of moving forward as soon as the track reaches Moodie in 2024, so I’ve asked the Mayor to work with us to find a means of getting the necessary funding. At this time, it is not in the affordability plan that goes to 2031. The consultant’s report will go to the Transportation Committee next Spring, at which time you can attend to make any further comments, within a within a 5 minute limit. 


Update June 7, 2017: I was pleased to attend the Kanata LRT Environmental Assessment Open House on Monday, June 5th. About 130 residents from various West End wards attended the presentation and Q&A session. Thirteen potential corridors for the Kanata LRT extension stretching from Moodie Station to Palladium were identified. Corridor 8 was presented as the preliminary preferred option with two others (5 and 13) required further assessment.  The map below shows these 3 routes.  The remaining routes were not carried forward as options for further analysis. Next steps are further analysis into the three corridors mentioned above and another Open House in Fall 2017.


I would appreciate receiving your comments on these routes and please contact Angela at the city (details below) as well.

Click here to view or download the presentation slides in pdf format.

If you would like to be placed on the study mailing list, submit comments, or simply learn more, also contact:

Angela Taylor, P.Eng.
Senior Project Engineer
Transportation Planning
Transportation Services Department
City of Ottawa
Email: (link sends e-mail)
613-580-2424 x 15210


Update February 22, 2017: Last week the City presented the implementation report on phase 2 of the LRT project which extends LRT to Moodie Drive.  This is good news for Kanata as it moves LRT a little closer to our community.  With the Environmental Assessment now getting underway to determine the route to Canadian Tire Place we are moving to obtaining the information to get phase 3, LRT to at least Terry Fox Station moved forward.  Construction to Moodie will be complete in 2023 and that’s when we need to be ready to start the next phase and finally get Kanata connected into the LRT system.



Update from September 8, 2016:
The City has received confirmation that 57 projects related to transit and active transportation have been considered eligible by the Federal and Provincial governments for funding. The federal contribution, based on 50% partnership with the City, is $155.9M. Three of the projects are in the Kanata North area. These are

1) Kanata LRT Extension- Environmental Assessment. This is the previously announced study to determine the route for light rail transit from Bayshore to Canadian Tire Place.

2) Two Cycle Links, one at Carling at March Rd and 3) the other at Herzberg at March. These will improve commuter access to the Kanata North Business Park and Eagleson Park and Ride. Further information will be provided as details are made known.

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