Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Green Bin Program Enhancements

This week the Environment and Climate Protection Committee and City Council approved changes to the Green Bin Program. Starting mid 2019, this program will include dog waste as well as the ability to put your organic wastes in plastic bags. Although I prefer keeping plastic bags out of the Green Bin and encourage residents to minimize their use, I supported the program as a means to encourage those not presently using their green bin to participate. Keeping organics out of landfills is one way to reduce carbon emissions and help to fight climate change. I applaud those who compost much of their own organic materials and encourage them to continue to do so as that is an excellent way to deal with organics and provides them with the best material to enrich their garden soils. For more information about the Green Bin program (including how to participate without problems) please call the city at 3-1-1 or review information on the City website.

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