Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Kanata Town Centre Lands Public Meeting and update

In 1994 the City of Kanata purchased land along Kanata Ave for a Town Centre Park, for a City Hall and for Central Business Functions (mixed use designation).  The 20 acre park was partially funded by donations and is protected as parkland.  The remainder of the property, designated for development and no longer needed for a City Hall was transferred to the Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation to prepare a development plan and then market the property. Public meetings were by the City of Kanata and more recently on this June 11, 2013 and June 19, 2017.  OCLDC will be selling one small parcel and completing a missing road link this year.  Starting in the fall design plans for the parkland and for the remaining development lands will be developed with input from the community.   Please see the map highlighting this area below.

Kanata Town Centre Lands

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