Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Routes #63/64 Spring Update from OC Transpo

I have received a long awaited update from OC Transpo in response to the main comments and concerns raised by Briarbrook and Morgan’s Grant riders at the February 2nd public meeting, Facebook and email, which you will find below.  There have been some issues with the new Spring service changes which OC Transpo is addressing on a case by case basis. These include buses going off the route onto local streets and some buses ending at the Innovation Park and Ride when they should go through the community. Please continue to email me at with follow up comments, questions and concerns so I can bring them directly to OC Transpo. You can also register to receive alerts about cancelled or delayed route and to keep posted on the latest transit information at

Service Improvements and Adjustments Previously Implemented in Kanata North

 Improved Travel Time in the Morning

The Route 63 and 64 eastbound rule was implemented on Feb 2, 2017.  This rule ensures that inbound buses stop only on request at Queensway (upper level), Lincoln Fields, Dominion, and Westboro Stations, in order to improve travel time for customers in the morning

Fixed Issues with Destination Signage of the Bus

At the community meeting we were notified that the destination signage on the buses to and from Mackenzie King Bridge or Lincoln Fields was often incorrect.  Following this feedback, we conducted an investigation and noticed a system error, which prevented the proper destination signage being displayed on the buses when the Operators signed in to commence their trip. This has now been rectified and all signage should be corrected. 

We have also taken the opportunity to improve the destination signage, in order to better clarify the direction of travel for Routes 63 and 64. The signage for these routes now shows the community name (i.e. Morgan’s Grant or Briarbrook), which helps clarify to customers the areas the routes serve beyond Innovation Station.

GPS Issues

We have received comments from customers regarding inaccurate GPS information affecting buses travelling west towards Kanata North.  In early January, there was an update to the software that manages the GPS system, and this update created an error in the system that would not allow the buses to be tracked on customer facing apps.

We have performed some minor edits that have been on-street for a few weeks, and following this update, no further complaints have been received. Further adjustments were also made on April 23rd that help to further ensure the accuracy of the GPS system.

Incorrect Signage at Innovation and Lincoln Fields Stations

At the February 2nd meeting, customers informed us that signage at Innovation Station and Lincoln Fields Station was incorrect, placed in the wrong location or was confusing to customers.  Staff went out immediately to conduct an audit and fabricated/installed new signage at the correct locations. 

Parking and Snow Narrowing on Flamborough Way

Due to the amount of snow received during this past winter, the plow rows narrowed the operating width of Flamborough Way.  This in combination with parking along this street made it challenging for passing buses, often resulting in one bus waiting for the other to pass before proceeding and thereby increasing travel time for customers on board.  This issue was raised with The City of Ottawa’s Road Services team for increased attention.  In addition, ‘No Parking’ signs were implemented along the east side of Flamborough Way.

Service Improvements and Adjustments Implemented with the April Service Change

Improved Connections at Innovation Station

Every Route 63 and 64 trip from LeBreton or Lincoln Fields, arriving at Innovation, has been scheduled to service their respective community areas before looping back towards downtown.  In light of this, changing buses will no longer be necessary, however, a short break of up to two minutes might be required at Innovation Station in order to maintain schedule adherence.

Improved Frequency to/from the Kanata Business Park on Weekdays

Additional trips on Routes 63 and 64 now operate to/from Kanata North in the morning and afternoon peak periods. Service frequency has been increased from every 20 to 30 minutes to every 15 minutes on each route.

Route 63 and 64 Schedules

Route 63 and 64 can sometimes be delayed, and as such the buses can arrive at the same time or appear to be following each other.   With the April service change, the schedules for Route 63 and 64 are now more evenly spaced in order to allow for a better distribution of service at Innovation Station. 

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