Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Opioid Drug Situation and Chain of Survival

This issue is something we all need to be concerned about as it is taking the lives of our youth. The community meeting that was held on February 27 confirmed we need information and action. We know parents want to help their kids and need support. The drugs being sold illegally can contain a lethal amount of fentanyl as the amounts vary from pill to pill – so even one pill can be life threatening. Ottawa Public Health has a lot of good information on how to talk with your kids on this issue and other departments, such as the Paramedics along with community groups and churches are working on awareness campaign to inform youth and their parents on the dangers of this drug. Parent Groups are also being set up, led by Sean O’Leary and additional funding sought from the province to increase treatment options.
We want to remind you to talk to the youth you know and if you see any suspicious drug related activity report it to the police.  It is all of our responsibility.
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