Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Address Changes

As some of you are aware when the city amalgamated in the year 2001 there were a number of streets that had the same or similar name and some in Kanata had duplicate house numbers.   This can be very confusing for residents as well as emergency personnel when they receive calls.  To try and alleviate this issue the city has been changing the street names of streets when there are two or more the same in the city.  In Kanata North the streets involved are Beaverbrook Lane and Beaverbrook Road; Varley Drive and Varley Lane; Leacock Drive, Leacock Way and Leacock Lane and Casson Way.  Residents involved are being contacted to get their suggestions for names or be advised if the changes are more minor.  New names must not be duplicates of existing street names. Changes that have already been made include replacing the Richardson Side road from March to Carling to Teron (as an extension to existing Teron Road) and ending Teron at Campeau (formerly the part of Campeau from Teron to March was also called Teron).

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