Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Public Art for the Innovation Station Park and Ride

Innovation Station Public ArtLynda Cronin’s public art proposal Tempus has been selected for the new Innovation Park and Ride on Innovation Drive, Kanata. Tempus will be made up of several undulating petals of different shapes gradually decreasing in size , organized around an aluminum  column. Each petal will be painted a different colour to represent the movement of light from sunrise to sunset. Cronin’s artwork is inspired by time, movement and sustainability, and the essential role that sunrise and sunset has in determining nature’s daily rhythms. The daily commute rhythms of transit users aligns with nature, and directional arrows within the petals mirror the navigational system of transit and pick up and drop off points. Tempus will be installed in a central location beside one of the platforms within the Park and Ride facility.

Describing her proposal, Cronin writes that “there is an abstract organic feel to the work reflecting the sustainability of intelligent transit systems as they relieve pressure on the natural ecosystem, carrying many passengers on a collective journey.”

Lynda Cronin was born in Dublin, Ireland and studied at the National College of Art and the University of Ottawa. As multi-disciplinary artist, she uses a wide variety of media and art-making strategies in order to communicate meaning  drawing references to geography, social migration and history within her work. Cronin is an active member of the arts community, and has received many awards from Canada Council, Trillium, Ontario Arts Council and others.

The City of Ottawa initiated a two-stage public art competition for Innovation Park and Ride in February 2016. After reviewing comments from the public, a peer assessment committee selected Tempus based on criteria that included artistic excellence, strength of proposed concept as well as how the proposal integrates with the style and function of the building.

Tempus is scheduled to be installed in 2017 when construction of the park and ride facility is complete.

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