Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Responsible Dog Owners Campaign

Early in October, I was joined by a local resident and a representative from the Kanata Kourier to hand out dog pamphlets on “How to be a Responsible Dog Owner”. This pamphlet was developed by local resident dog owners to inform people about making Kanata North a dog friendly community.

Gibson for websiteThis pamphlet is to promote what being a responsible dog owner means, to inform people on how harmful dog waste is to the environment, small children or other people who come in contact with the waste and to inform on the City Bylaws about dogs.  Pamphlets are available at my ward office in the Mlacak Centre. I’d appreciate it if you could volunteer to pass some out in your area to dog owners – please contact my office at 613-580-2474, email, or drop by the ward office at 2500 Campeau Drive (Mlacak Centre).

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