Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Road Construction in 2014

Highway 417 West of Huntmar
In the general area west of the Huntmar Overpass, construction will begin in the coming weeks to finalize the widening of the roadway platform to 3 lanes in both the east and westbound directions including all drainage enhancements. Rehabilitation of Highway 417 in the vicinity of Carp Road to the Highway 7 interchange, as well as the interchange ramp rehabilitation, will be completed this season and is expected to commence in May. Traffic will continue to travel on only two East or Westbound lanes during the summer months until surface course paving is completed throughout the project. Completion is anticipated for Fall 2014.

Highway 417 East of Huntmar
In the general area east of the Huntmar Overpass, the Contractor has transferred traffic into the median for staging purposes. Two lanes in both the east and westbound directions will remain throughout the spring and summer months while rehabilitation of the existing roadway continues. Surface course paving will be required this summer for the area east of Huntmar including interchange ramps.

Castlefrank Ramp Closure
The Contractor is intending to commence the closure of the Castlefrank eastbound on-ramp in May 2014. This closure is required to facilitate full depth asphalt removal of the 417 EBL’s at the ramp terminal. Advanced notification signing will be placed notifying of the impending closure. The closure is expected to last about 5 weeks.

Carp Road Overpass
The construction work at the Carp Road Overpass is scheduled to begin imminently. Preliminary work will include the installation of temporary signals and placement of permanent temporary traffic conditions to delineate the work area. Traffic will be in a single lane condition across the structure during construction. Construction at Carp Road is expected to last the entire construction season and be completed in fall 2014. A full weekend closure of the westbound off-ramp will be required to facilitate installation of drainage components. Advanced notification signing will be placed notifying of the impending weekend closure.

Eagleson/March Overpass
The Contractor is expected to proceed with the final stage of structure rehabilitation in spring 2014 with applicable lane reductions. During the rehabilitation, one northbound and two southbound lanes will exist. Surface course paving along with final placement of all drainage and safety components will proceed after rehabilitation is completed during single lane closures. Completion is expected by fall 2014.

Watt’s Creek Culvert Replacement
The Contractor continues with construction of the culvert replacement under the existing Highway 417 now that traffic has been shifted to the new median. The existing culvert will be abandoned in the summer of 2014 after the new culvert is finalized.

In general, construction is on schedule to be completed by fall 2014 as originally anticipated.

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