Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Rail Crossings in Kanata North

The City is doing a study of all rail crossings to ensure they meet safety criteria.  In Kanata North there are two rail lines, neither of which carries much traffic.  They are:

1)    The CNR line that crosses Carling Ave. in the Greenbelt and runs behind the business park, Catterick, Applecross, Celtic Ridge and Macara.  There are unprotected crossings on Klondike and March Valley.  CNR has applied to abandon this track but you need to check carefully for trains.  If the track is removed the City plan is to purchase the right of way for a trail.

2)      The City owned railway runs parallel to Carling, crosses Herzberg, Teron, March, Goulbourn Forced and Terry Fox.  There is generally one train per week in each direction (presently on Wed) but others could occur.  As Herzberg and March have OC bus routes the City will add gates there.  Terry Fox already has gates.  Teron is linked with Herzberg while the GFR has no protection so slow down and look when crossing on the GFR. The speed is only 10 km/h in this section.

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