Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Check out the Kanata Arboretum!

Over the last couple of years visitors to the Beaver Pond Park in Kanata Lakes have probably observed a number of positive changes in this area. Indeed this serene park is the object of an ongoing tree planting program that culminated with the addition of 30 new trees in June 2013.

This planting program is not random. Plant specimens are chosen with the goal of creating a mini-arboretum of Canadian species in this beautiful park. At this time most of the trees normally encountered in our boreal forests have at least one representative in the Park.

A last important step remains for this mini-arboretum to become a complete reality. In the next few weeks community volunteers will affix an identification number to the most prominent instance of each species. I have agreed to fund the installation of an interpretation panel that will enable nature lovers to link trees to numbers to names and thus to discover the amazing sylvan diversity of our Nordic forests.

Give the arboretum a few years and passersby will be able to relax by the pond under a dense canopy, while learning to recognize native trees that define our rugged Canadian Shield. We expect numerous children and schools – not to mention the avid outdoor enthusiasts with an inquisitive mind – to avail themselves of this pedagogical resource unique in Ottawa’s west end.

Additional tree planting and interpretation in the Park will continue, taking advantage of resources as they become available. And of course all trees (old and new) will be protected against beavers by chicken wire. This aptly-named “Beaver” Pond is on the regular travel route of young beavers expelled from their family unit each summer. Tree protection is a must if this joint investment by the City and the community is to endure.

Photo by Mario Poirier

Photo by Mario Poirier

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