Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Beaverbrook Heritage District

Last Thursday (April 10) I made a presentation to the Built-Heritage Committee of the City to outline reasons for designating Beaverbrook as a Heritage District and the process that needs to be followed to do so.  Bill Teron, the ‘Father’ of Kanata was present along with his son Chris, KBCA President Gary Sealey and others.  The Committee was impressed with the Kanata Concept for a Garden City and how Beaverbrook was suitable for Heritage District designation.  The Committee indicated support for a detailed analysis and public consultation to be undertaken over the next year.

The Heritage Designation does not stop changes from happening.  Anything from an addition to a home to a large apartment building could still occur.  What it will do is ensure that the Garden City Concepts are followed in any development so that the overall community nature is maintained.

A public meeting to describe the process will be held in a few months, once a Steering Committee is set up to organize the consultation.  Anyone interested in being on the Steering Committee should contact my office.


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