Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Kanata North Community Design Plan Open House Poster Boards

March 13 2014, Map Boards: French version also on the website. Accessibility will be available soon.

When a new community is being planned, it’s important to have those in the vicinity able to have a say in what will be developed there. That’s what happened on February 26 when more than 140 residents packed the meeting room at the Richcraft Recreation Complex Kanata (RRCK) to view the 4 plans that came out of an earlier meeting when groups of residents outlined 15 potential designs.  Letting residents living near the new community know about it is important to me, as I’ve always found that residents have good, concrete ideas that improve any community plan.  Consequently, I visited about 300 homes on cold February days to show them what is proposed and recommend that they put their ideas forward.

The plans should now be on the City website at along with information on how to submit your opinions and ideas.  For example, you may have a suggestion for a transition zone adjacent to existing homes. You are asked to submit your ideas by March 10.  They will then be considered in the development of one preferred option for presentation, final comments and adjustments in about 2 months.  The concept is expected to go to Planning Committee and Council for approval by August.  It will take several years after that for detailed plans to be submitted, conditions imposed, and services (water, sanitary sewers, drainage systems, hydro, phone, roads, sidewalks) installed.

Thank you to the residents who attended, for your thoughtful questions, for the consultants and City staff who provided clear responses, and for the members of the community advisory group who have helped to shape the consultative process.

July 2013: There was a large turnout to discuss the planning process for the new community to be located along March Road.  I requested copies of the poster boards for residents to view/download and I have uploaded them to scribd.  Links to each board are below. Please email if you would like these in French.

1. Panel1-Welcome.pdf 217KB

2. Panel2-StudyArea.pdf 0.9MB

3. Panel3-Why are we here.pdf 207KB

4. Panel4-CDP.pdf 204KB

5. Panel5-Consultation.pdf 205.KB

6. Panel6-Principles.pdf 214KB

7. Panel7-Process.pdf 404KB

8. Panel8-ex conditions.pdf 722KB

9. Panel9-NatFeatures.pdf 1MB

10. Panel10-EC HydroG (Bedrock).pdf 820KB

11. Panel11-EC HydroG (Soils).pdf 869KB

12. Panel12-Ex-Topo.pdf 1.42MB

13. Panel13-Drainage.pdf 1.29MB

14. Panel14-EC GeoMorphic.pdf 773KB

15. Panel15-Archaeological.pdf 852KB

16. Panel16-Landuse.pdf 835KB

17. Panel17-Ex-Infrastructure.pdf 1.42MB

18. Panel18-Servicing-Alt.pdf 295KB

19. Panel19-Servicing-Preferred.pdf 295KB

20. Panel20-ECTransportation.pdf 1.17MB

21. Panel21-EC Transportation Active.pdf 1.3MB

22. Panel22-EC Transportation Active (2).pdf 1.3MB

23. Panel23-Transportation-Solutions.pdf 331KB

24. Panel24-Transportation-Preferred.pdf 296KB

25. Panel25-Typical Evaluation Criteria.pdf 217KB

26. Panel26-Thank You.pdf 219KB

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