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Councillor, Kanata North

Beaverbrook Library Construction Update

March 2014: The Library Board and staff had a tour of the new library last week.  It is going to be a great facility with lots of light, space for reference materials, a hug children’s area, a teen zone, a Kanata Room for archives, plenty of seating and study areas, great space for staff and a large meeting room that can be divided into two and will be accessible even when the library is closed.  The opening is scheduled for August.

Previous Updates:

The Beaverbrook Branch is taking shape from the outside in. The second floor roof is finished, and the lower roof is scheduled to be complete in the near future.  Window glazing should be done by early December. Construction work inside the building is now underway, as the first of the three stairways was recently delivered and are now being installed. The Beaverbrook Depot is providing service to many and the Hazeldean Branch is acting as back up.  The opening of the new library is expected to be in August next year.

In the meantime, the Elmvale Acres Branch will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on November 23 at 10:00am, with refreshments, family story time, and crafts. And, the Emerald Plaza Branch will be celebrating its 25th anniversary on that same day from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.

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Previous updates:The access road into the Mlacak Centre will be undergoing road work improvements beginning on July 2nd and lasting approximately two weeks. This will include a reworking of the median, lane widening, landscaping, curbs, sidewalks and a base coat of asphalt. There may be short access disruptions but there will be no shutdown of this roadway.
As you are all well aware, the former Beaverbrook library is now substantially demolished and the only place to go from here is up! In order to do that, piles must first be hammered into the ground to support the foundation of the new building.  This process is scheduled to begin on May 29 and will last for approximately 10 days.  We are advised that piling is loud and can cause vibrations. Please note that vibration levels will be monitored to ensure compliance with acceptable standards.

Construction has begun on the parking lot for the Ottawa Public Library’s new West District Library, which will be on the site of the Beaverbrook branch. For this Phase a sidewalk from Campeau will be blocked off and a section of the road leading into the Mlacak Community Centre will be sectioned off with concrete barriers providing access for pedestrians.  Later this month access will be by the door into the arena which will be made accessible.  All activities continue including the Art Gallery, my Ward office and activities within the halls and Senior Centre.

Alternate library services are available at the Library Depot set up in the Beaverbrook Mall and at other local library branches.

For more information about the new West District Library, go to or contact InfoService at 613-580-2940 or

Previous Update…
I have been provided with details of construction at the Mlacak Centre where the Beaverbrook Library will be transformed into the West District Library, Ottawa.  The construction phases are:

1. April – June, 2013: The new parking lot near Campeau Dr is underway. The sidewalk from Campeau Dr. will be blocked off and the exit road narrowed.

2. Late April – September, 2013: The main entrance will be closed during demolition and construction will start.  Accessible, temporary access will be through the east end of the arena

3. May 2013 – August, 2014: Elimination of parking alongside existing building (replaced by new lot), construction of the addition and interior work.

The Beaverbrook Library Depot in the Beaverbrook Mall is being heavily used for pick ups, returns, browsing, reading newspapers, accessing the internet and running some programs, while others are being held at the Hazeldean branch.

For ongoing information go to”>

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