Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

BMGCA Community Meeting along with Councillor Wilkinson to discuss the proposed McDonalds 886 March Rd review latest submission.

Monday, July 29, 7-9pm meeting re: proposed McDonalds at 886 March Road – submission revisions

Location: Old Town Hall (access from Klondike at March Road)

McDonald’s has submitted its revised plans for its new restaurant at 886 March Road. Key issues outstanding are 24 hour operation and signage. Please attend this community meeting to discuss those items so that we can provide input to the City on the community’s views.

The second submission for the proposed McDonald’s at 886 March Road is now available for view from the city’s website:

The second submission includes:

  • Enhanced landscaping including 40 coniferous trees (13 white spruce at 2.75 m, 6 Colorado spruce at 2.75 m, 10 white cedar, 6 white pine, 5 common larch), 45 deciduous trees, and abundant shrubs and perennials within the 15 m environmental setback zone.
  • Three rows of pine trees and one row of deciduous trees in combination with numerous shrubs to the north of the parking lot for view blocking.
  • A cross section showing the longitude relationship between the ordering speakers and the residential lots that there will be 160 m between the speakers and the rear property line.
  • Confirmation that the ordering speakers will be directed to the west side.
  • A photo metric plan showing the illuminance at the property line is 0.1-0.2 Fc which is well below the standard 0.5 Fc.
  • Consideration of integrating stone façade or masonry into the elevation design.
  • A signage package showing the location and sizes of all proposed signs on site.

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