Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

New clothing donation box by-law takes effect June 3

The new City by-law regulating clothing donation boxes on private property takes effect June 3.

Under the new by-law, either for-profit businesses or non-profit organizations may place their clothing donation boxes on private property, except residential properties, but only with the permission of the property owner.

Clothing donation boxes must also have signage that identifies if the operator is a registered charity, a non-private organization or a for-profit business. If it is a charity, the charitable registration number must be posted. The name and address of both the property owner and the clothing donation box operator must also be identified.

Operators are also responsible to ensure that all areas immediately surrounding the clothing donation box are maintained in accordance with property standards and maintenance regulations. In addition, the placement of the donation boxes must not pose as a visual obstruction for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians.

Enforcement will be conducted on a request-for-service basis. Service requests related to clothing donation boxes may be directed to 3-1-1.

If a violation of the new by-law exists, a Notice of Violation with a compliance due date will be issued to the property owner or operator.

Should the owner or operator fail to comply with the due date on the Notice, the City has the ability to arrange for the necessary work to be done, and to charge back the cost of the work to the owner. The City also has the ability to remove the box if necessary at the cost of the owner.

The new by-law was enacted to address increasing concerns about improperly maintained clothing donation boxes often displaying misleading signage, as well as the placement of boxes without permission.

Clothing donation boxes are not permitted to be placed in the right-of-way (roadways and road allowances).

For more information on the new Clothing Donation Box By-law, visit

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