Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Summary of Work on Highway 417 (Eagleson to Hwy 7)

Detailed summary of work on the 417 including Eagleson, Castlefrank Ram East Bound On-Ramp, 417 EBL and WBL, Huntmar and Carp Road Bridges, crossing west of Terry Fox, Crossing east of Castlefrank, Crossing west of Eagleson, culvert under Eagleson Rd/Campeau. 

On the Eagleson Rd. structure, the contractor has successfully completed stage 1 and 2 of the rehabilitation and are now in winter shutdown period. During winter shutdown, 2 lanes southbound and 2 lanes northbound will be maintained across the structure with the northbound Eagleson Rd. to westbound 417 on ramp fully opened. Construction on stage 3 and stage 4 of the rehab are expected to start in May of 2013 and be completed in the fall of 2013.  This work will require the south westbound on-ramp to be closed for twelve weeks. A detour will be in place and signing will be installed in advance of the closure. This work is scheduled to take place from May to end of July 2013.

Castelfrank Ramp East Bound On-Ramp
With regard to the 6 week closure of Castlefrank on ramp to the eastbound 417, the work is still expected to take place from September to mid-October of 2013.

Highway 417 EBL and WBL
The project for the west end expansion of the Hwy. 417 from Eagleson Rd. to Hwy 7 is on schedule, with the contractor working towards the completion of stage 1 median work, which is expected by mid-August of 2013. This work involves a lane shift in both East and Westbound lanes of the 417 and involves the heavier civil construction work on the project. Once in stage 2 in August 2014, minor outside shoulder widening and paving will take place throughout the project. Leaving the final lift of asphalt and shouldering to be completed in 2014. There is no expected disruption to traffic through the site in peak periods on the main Hwy. 417 with lane closures only being allowed in off peak times.

Huntmar Road and Carp Road Bridges

  • Work on the Huntmar Road will start in 2013 (approx. August to September 2013). During this time, the Huntmar Road Bridge will be closed for the full construction. A detour will be in place directing traffic to the Palladium Drive Interchange, between Cyclone Taylor Drive and Huntmar Drive (North).
  • Carp Road Structure will start in 2014. During this time the Carp Road Bridge will be reduced to one lane and traffic will be managed by temporary traffic signals.

The following is a brief description of the work to take place over the City’s 3 water main crossings and the contractor’s schedule for the remaining work on the contract in those areas.

Crossing west of Terry Fox Dr.
The median work around this water main has been completed up to the top course of granular with only minor surface work remaining, fine grading of granular and paving. To the north side of the Hwy., there is also minor surface work to be completed, including ramp paving etc. Both of these areas are expected to be completed in the 2013 construction season. Work on the south side of the Hwy. will be similar with one exception; the placement of a high mast light footing off of the W-N/S ramp to Terry Fox Dr., which is approximately 10m+/- from the existing water main. The footing is expected to be 10m deep and completed during the summer of 2013. Any valve replacement would have to be scheduled around the placement of the footing. An exact date for the footing work is unknown however should be completed during a 1 week period in summer 2014.

Crossing east of Castlefrank Dr,  (Arid valve replacement)
All subsurface work in the median is complete with only fine grading of granular and paving to be completed. Stage one work is expected to take place summer 2014 finishing in late August. With stage 2 expected to start in early September, there will be a large 1m excavation of the existing hwy. on both the north and south side of the hwy., crossing the water main with an open cut 600mm storm sewer to be placed between MH 354 and 355. Please also note that the eastbound ramp to the 417 from Castlefrank will be closed for 6 weeks during this period in order to complete the excavation work.

Crossing west of Eagleson. Rd.
There will be significant work completed on culvert 60, which is a cast in place box culvert during both Stage 1 (up to Sept. 1st, 2013) and Stage 2 (Sept. 1st, 2013 to Dec. 1st, 2013). This work involves vibrating in sheet piles for a protection system, excavating to a depth of 8m +/-, constructing the culvert and backfilling. Although portions of this work is approximately 60m from the City’s water main at the north end of the ROW, that portion of the work is expected to be completed during Stage 1 or by Sept. 1st , of next summer. The remaining portions will be constructed after Sept. 1st, but will be approximately 100m away from the City’s water main. Any additional work in the area will involve fine grading of granular and paving and should not affect the water main.

City Streets and Roadways
The only other work that one will see near the City road system would be paving of interchange ramps and the lining of the Watts creek culvert under the Eagleson Rd./ Campeau Dr. intersection, which will not affect traffic as all work will be done from the ROW with no lane closures. This work is scheduled to take place from late October to the end of March of 2013.

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