Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Official Plan & Master Transportation Plan


The City is updating its Official Plans.  You can go to Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031 to fill in a questionnaire or email by May 17, 2013. When you’re providing your comments, please stress the importance of serving the largest population, and the important employment areas, outside the Greenbelt with light rail.  There seems to be more consideration to going to Orleans before we have any transit connection to the Greenbelt in the west

Previous update:

April 10 2013  Council today approved moving forward with the City’s Comprehensive Five-year Review of the Official Plan.  The review process has had an unusually large amount of public engagement for an Official Plan review. There was a well attended project launch with two large public events. An online survey about the review resulted in 8,063 participants answering some or all of the questions.

Public consultations will continue as the City drafts an Official Plan Amendment and residents and business people provide further feedback on proposed measures.

Upcoming consultation includes rural outreach through ward meetings, more online feedback specifically from rural residents and information outreach through the Rural Connections e-newsletter.

A proposed Official Plan Amendment will be tabled early this summer along with the proposed networks and implementation plans for Transportation Master Plan, Cycling Plan, and Pedestrian Plan projects. The City’s Infrastructure Master Plan will be tabled for consultation in the fall.

An online consultation campaign, soliciting residents’ views on improvements to the cycling and pedestrian networks, will begin in late April.

There will be public open houses in the fall and then Planning Committee and Council will consider the final amendment.

A community consultation panel and developers’ panel are being consulted throughout.

The City has focused on 12 themes in the review to find practical ways to advance sustainable, affordable development.

Among the proposals:

• The urban boundary would not change. The City has determined there is enough land for residential and employment development at least until 2031.

• Within the current urban boundary the City would study and change boundaries to employment areas and Mixed-Use Centres to make sure they appropriately support business development.

• The City would emphasize the design elements of development by putting design policies into the main part of the Plan and requiring design consideration in Community Design Plans.

• There would be clearer rules for where highrises are permitted.

• Development around transit corridors and stations would be further encouraged.

• Mapping of sand, gravel and bedrock areas would be done to ensure they are protected for future development but taking into consideration the concerns of residents who live nearby.

• Rural residential development will be channelled to growing the villages within their existing boundaries. The creation of new rural estate lots ─ large lots outside of the villages ─ will no longer be permitted.

• A strategy for water and wastewater servicing of villages would be developed.

• The proposed Official Plan changes include taking the Macdonald-Cartier International Airport out of the Greenbelt and using some of these lands for economic development.

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