Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Building a Liveable Ottawa – Official Plan and Master Plan review

Starting in 2013, the City of Ottawa will begin its review of the strategic documents that guide the development of our city. They include the Official PlanTransportation Master PlanInfrastructure Master PlanCycling Plan and Pedestrian Plan. When completed, the Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031 project will set the directions, policies and affordability priorities that will influence the future of the city for years to come. At you can stay informed and record your opinions (#liveableottawa) .

Help us build this great city! The community input will inform the decisions made by politicians and city planners every day, and is important in this master planning initiative. The policy directions set over the next year will determine how we live, grow, play, travel, and prosper as a city. Get involved and learn how these decisions not only affect the future of the city but also your own life in this city

At you can stay informed and record your opinions (#liveableottawa) :

  • Complete the LiveableOttawa Survey
  • Learn more about the 12 planning issues under review, the policy proposals and open house boards.
  • Learn more about the project background, overall strategy, Official Plan principles, and timelines.
  • Find the latest dates for Community Forums/Dicussions.
  • Sign up for e-subscription newsletters to receive all the news on the activities of the studies
  • Register to receive notification about the 2013 Official Plan Council decisions.

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