Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Equestrian Park

I was delighted to hear that the Wesley Clover Foundation (WCF), the charitable Foundation of the Terry Matthews family, had been chosen to take over the lease for the Equestrian Park and Campground in the Greenbelt adjacent to Kanata North.  The WCF will establish an outdoor recreation and learning centre that promotes health and education through connections with nature and the outdoors.

Key components are the Ian Millar Equestrian School and a World Class Equestrian Event Facility; a Trail Riding Centre; a pre-school program (introducing young children to nature); and an Outdoor Sports and Recreation Centre (including field and trail sports).

The Equestrian Park was first established by a group from both Kanata and Nepean, operated by Nepean until amalgamation and then by the City of Ottawa.  Last year City staff recommended that the City no longer run the facility and the lease with the NCC expired at the end of 2012.  This new proposal will ensure that local riding activities can be maintained and enhanced and offers exciting new opportunities.

The foundation has indicated that it is committed to supporting advances in healthcare research, promoting excellence in education and creating the next generation of entrepreneurs. A key focus is also the creation of activities that enhance the welfare of our local community.  I am looking forward to what it will bring to our area.

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