Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

Wills and Powers of Attorney: Legal Requirements, Guidelines and Tips

Reach Canada is pleased to present a Brown Bag* informative discussion on Wills and Powers of Attorney (POAs). The aim of this seminar is to provide education and awareness of the legal requirements and guidelines for creating a valid Will and POA. It will include discussions on what you need to know about creating a valid Will and POA, the benefits of Wills and POAs, the different types of Wills and POAs available, valid execution, living wills, who should be appointed as an attorney, who acts as a check on the attorney and what happens if your wishes change after creating a Will and POA. It promises to be an exciting and informative session.  Please Bring your Own Lunch.  Drinks provided.

Guest Speakers:
Ian Warren (LL.B), Sole Practitioner
Donald Ray (LL.B), Burke-Robertson LLP

Registration Costs: $10 Seniors/Students $20 General Admission $50 Social/Health Services Agencies $75 Government/Corporate/Lawyers.  Some scholarships available for people with disabilities, who are unemployed, please inquire.  Click here for registration form.

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